Botanical Gardens


A few days ago, I came across a botanical garden at university. I meandered my way through winding paths, obscure colours and fascinating shapes. I took a photo of a physalis and came across a clearing. Littered with yellow sun loungers I angled mine towards the sun and placed my burnt orange back pack down. I took a seat, leant my head back, secured my headphones, faced the sun, closed my eyes and let a big smile ease onto my face. I was so content.

My phone was playing a song with a faint tropical melody and it added to the atmosphere quite beautifully. I had just finished a class I had enjoyed and knew the weather was looking to be warm that day. Hearing rumours of the gardens from other students I set to investigate, not realising it would be quite as wonderful. It is a shame we are running out of sunshine fuelled days.

Right there and then, I realised what makes me happy. Moments just like that, that arise in good fortune. That are unexpected in their blissful simplicity. That require nothing but the sun on my face, the support of my back and the musical ambience provided to me by my hand-crafted Spotify selection.

I contemplated what to do next with my day and realised I was unsure. Sometimes, on days darker than that one, where the clouds in the sky not only prevent me from basking in the warmth, curled towards the sun like a glorious cat, but also prevent me from being simply happy, that thought nauseates me. I feel lost, without direction and I forget about the number of possibilities a day can hold. Days like the one in the garden, my power and potential seemed limitless.

A woman came and sat down to the left of me and became my comrade. In our shared silence we were joined by the love of the sun. She too angled her yellow patterned sun lounger toward the ball of light in the sky and best of all, took out a note pad and begun to write. Who knows what her musings contained? I wonder if they revealed her poetic sensibilities or if they were as a arbitrary as the following; milk, cheese and bread.

After the passing of some ephemeral time, my cheeks began to rosen, my bladder began to fill and my stomach quietly requested some sustenance. These were signals to me that this moment, my unencumbered moment had come to a natural close. I had to gently remind myself that the ending of this moment I carefully carved out in time doesn’t have to abruptly end, it just slowly begins to form another. Another moment that may equal its beauty, I just have to give it a chance.

Here is a photo of that Physalis.


Turns out those little orange lanterns will one day turn into an Inca berry.

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