I’ve just worked out how tagging works! I think, baby steps after all.

My last post ended on the fact that it was going to be slightly harder working towards an unencumbered lifestyle in Amsterdam since I would once again be studying for my degree. Saying this, a conversation today reminded me of how naïve that may in truth be. If you think about, university is one of the last stages of being free before you enter into the abyss that is adult life. Of course, freedom here is still dictated by assignments, lectures and group work presentations but it is unencumbered in contrast to what the reality is like in the real world and lord aren’t we all terrified to enter it. Constantly told day in and day out that there are literally no jobs, we all question our ability to actual offer anything useful to the job market that is constantly churning out endless bureaucratic tasks to give the illusion it actually has something for us to do. The best example I can give? Chandler from Friends, the whole point of that ongoing joke was that no one knew what he did, not even his closest pals, not even himself (and no, he wasn’t a transponster).

Image result for transponster gif friends

Image result for transponster gif friends

My point was not to linger on the dark possibilities of the future where I will be competing with another 7 billion humans to find a source of income. It was instead to remind myself of the beauty of the freedom that I have in this moment, right here, right now. As I joked with my friend on the phone, my largest qualm of the day was my over indulgence this morning. Walnut bread here is a thing and by god is it good. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, ungrateful or even the slightest bit like a dick when I say this. But truly, I should remind myself more and more, that my fears and anxieties are small and flimsy in comparison to others. So I guess there is a lesson there in itself, how to be unencumbered step 1.

‘Don’t worry about the future, or worry but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum’. Baz Luhrmann.

Man I love that song, if you’ve never heard it, you should give it a listen.

7 minutes of unadulterated wisdom.

Except maybe the sunscreen part,

I do love a tan.

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