Taking the plunge




This is officially my first blog post. Saying that my fingers began to hesitate over typing the necessary words to fulfil this momentous occasion. That’s what happens when you get nervous, you hesitate and stumble over the words that a moment ago may have poured out naturally. Perhaps not a moment, more like an hour which is how long it has been that I have owned this amazing blog. I am already proud of it. Proud of the fact I have tiptoed out of the warm embrace of my usual comfort zone. I have made it a lot easier for myself by deciding to remain anonymous, my own safety net in case the blog is unsuccessful.

Grounding point. Who is to measure success? If I decide to measure the blogs success on the very fact it exists than oioi, it is a success already and it’s only 9 o clock in the morning. Good job.

I feel a good place for me to go now is the name of the blog: Ephemeral Prose. Let me unpack.

Ephemeral: fleeting, lasting for a short amount of time.

First heard by my brother. Me, 18, just finished A-Levels. Finding the level of space and freedom uncomfortable having had my days ordered by revision and structure for almost two years. His response. ‘Enjoy the ephemeral nothingness while it lasts’. I instantly googled the word and since then it has remained strong in its existence in my vocabulary. He says it reminds him of both emerald and ethereal, for me it reminds me of him.

I figure that’s what my posts will be. Well, that’s what most of my personal writing has been so far. Ephemeral. Fleeting moments of consciousness documented, captured and made tangible as I write. I rarely edit and revisit my pieces, they just are what they are. From a detailed description of a morning to an insight into friendships and loyalties. I don’t want to restrict my blog to a theme, perhaps only because I don’t know one. I think ephemerality covers that for me. Fleeting consciousness.

Prose: spoken or written language. Chosen for obvious reasons. Combined with ephemeral it sounds to me like an exotic flower. Winning.

So welcome to my blog. Visits so far? 3 and I’m pretty sure they’re all mine.

I have a lot of hope for this mind you, there are things I want to talk about. Things I have written I want to share. Advice I want to ask for and advice I want to give. All that matters right now? Getting the courage to upload this and not linger on the flaws. X



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